Turn your smartphone into a PC

With phones becoming more and more affordable with high speed technologies and computers pricing going up and up we decided to bridge this gap, so we are bringing computer to your smart device, be it a phone, tablet or a TV. The bigger device you’ve the better viewing experience you get apart from that you get all the benefits of physical computer.

Accessing your account

  • Downloar RDP app by Microsoft from google play store if your device is any Android phone Or tablet and if Apple download the same from Apple Store.
  • Once downloaded click on add pc from top right corner and type in the given host name and save it.
  • Click connect on the Added pc tile, when prompted enter your credentials which are login id which is 10Char long and your chosen password.
  • You’ll be logged into your account, after that you can work on the computer just like you would on any physical device.
  • To log out just click start button, click on your profile and click sign out.
  • Shut down is not possible since your chosen plan might be basic and not having administrator rights.
  • If you need any additional apps please request us at our WhatsApp number +918247272672
  • We are always available on WhatsApp so reach us at anytime without hesitation.